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Spiritual Retreats – Journey to Wholeness & Self-Expression


Realize Your Celestial Self
3 Day Retreat – June 22 to 24, 2018
Mt Shasta, California, USA

Retreat - Mt Shasta


Ongoing uniquely sculpted individual and couple retreats based on your specific needs.

Contact Angelique to reserve your space.

Angelique offers transformational workshops and retreats for individuals, couples and groups.

Le Temple de l’Esprit retreats take you to vortex sites around the world known for their ancient spiritual vibrance and natural beauty. Hosted by Spiritual / Psychological Healer Angelique Jan Pera and Mystic Artist/Poet/Sculptress Mary Saint-Marie. Possible destinations include Bali, Mt. Shasta, Cavallo Point – The Lodge at the Golden Gate, San Francisco, Hawaii, Dordogne, France* and others.

Mount Shasta Retreat – A splendid four-day retreat on the slopes of majestic Mount Shasta

Angelique believes that Balance comes from knowing the Self, understanding our heritage and family dynamics and beliefs, the local community in which we live, and the global community of which we are part. We are each one unique aspect of the Whole; each one here to express its unique piece of the Source of Life. Knowing Self creates a strong sense of “I” as a piece of this Whole; Self in relation to family, Self in relatedness to community, Self in relationship to mass consciousness and mass experience.

Spiritual Retreats assist you in

  • having time and space available for self focus
  • discovering your True Self, and expressing Self in your own particular way
  • how to carry global consciousness within your individual consciousness, knowing we are all from the same Source
  • hold differences with others in deep respect, honor, and love; rather than fear, shame, and blame.

In the couples’ retreats,

  • we find and dissolve the obstacles that are in the way of expressing your individual Selves more fully within the partnership
  • support you in sharing your changes with one other

thus creating new, deeper intimacy, connectedness, love and respect.

On a retreat, Angelique guides transformational healings integrating psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, soul frequency activation and integration (including hands on healing), emotional clearing processes, creative visualization, shamanic journeying, accessing nature and its kingdoms (animal, mineral, plant, water, air),  journal writing, expressive arts, sound, music, ritual, poetry, ceremony, dance, meditation, movement, and mudra.

You’ll also have free time to explore the spiritual sites and surrounding areas if you wish.

*If we go to Dordogne, France, the retreat will include a private sightseeing tour to see the Black Madonas as part of the retreat work.

Prices will be Announced. Retreats will include food and lodging, and group work with Angelique. Each participant will be responsible for their own airfare.

If you are new to Le Temple de l’Esprit retreats, there will be a short interview to assure the retreat will meet your needs.

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