Angelique Jan Pera of Le Temple de l’Esprit focuses on a spiritual approach to psychological healing for individuals, couples and groups. Her transformative practice brings together a variety of perspectives and healing techniques. Together you can discover which techniques work best for you, your emotional healing and spiritual growth.

  • Psychotherapy
  • Innovative Visioning / Creative Hypnotherapy
    Intuitive development through “mindful meditation” and body awareness.
  • Wholistic Sensory Healing  ( Hands on Healing)
    This unique transformational technique uses touch, sound and vibration to clear emotional and physical energy blocks to regain balance, heal, explore and experience your sense of Wholeness and an expression of your True Self.
  • Psychological Spiritual Clearing
    Learn to release conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from your goals and the kind of life you wish to live. First you’ll be guided and later taught how to release blocks for yourself in the future.
  • Sacred Marriage Experience
    A guided experience that helps you appreciate, experience and merge your own male and female aspects and to enhance your sense of Wholeness and peaceful wellbeing. If you are seeking a partner, this ceremony helps you sense and draw to you a person that really fits.
  • Sacred Relationship Union
    This ceremony is for you and a partner. It helps ground you in your Wholeness and authentic self. The process heightens your sexual, emotional, physical and intellectual connection to your partner.
  • Individual or Group Transformational Retreats
    Le Temple de l’Esprit retreats are an opportunity to leave behind the stress and distractions of your usual life and immerse yourself in a completely different peaceful place within. Retreats create the time, space, and place to uncover, review, release, and reformulate a new perspective and fully manifest your personal empowerment and creative self-expression.

Learn more about Angelique’s transformative practice on the successive pages such as about, transformational workshops & retreats or our philosophy. Call Angelique at 1(415)706-9320 for an appointment or more information.