Le Temple de l’Esprit is a psychotherapy center with a spiritual approach founded by Angelique Jan Pera. Here you can learn to release limiting beliefs that may be causing you to hurt or suffer, increase Wholeness and fully actualize your unique self expression of the Undivided One / Source of All That Is. Through various healing techniques such as soul frequency activation and integration we help people get in touch with their unique life’s meaning and purpose and empower them to manifest what they most passionately desire.

The passion that comes from your desire is what fuels the realization of your visions and divine inspirations. We address all levels of being: psychological, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and cultural.

We believe that we are born whole, and consciously connected to Source. The connection provides an innate sense of belonging and support, as we begin our life’s journey.

At Le Temple de l’Esprit we use the word Source for what many call God who has many names: the Light, Nature, the Holy Beloved, the Divine, Buddha, the Loving Essence, It, the All That Is, the Divine Presence, to name just a few. When we are in the Divine Connection to a loving Source, we are innocently vibrant, naturally open, and connected to our life’s meaning and purpose.

This original, natural connection to Source and its uninhibited expression can begin to shift, erode, or shatter as we try to fit into the world around us. If we’re not expressing ourselves from our connection to Source in our unique, purposeful way, we believe it’s because there are limiting beliefs, negative identifications and thoughts about ourselves or our world that are getting in the way.

Want to know more about healing and spiritual transformation? Here’s how we understand the causes of pain and the journey to healing.

Our beliefs form our perception of reality. Positive and negative, they become our filter on the world which we think is the only reality.

In the healing process, we uncover negative, limiting beliefs that have arisen through our early emotional development. These unconscious beliefs are constructed during our attempts to bond and adapt to our interpersonal, familial, communal, cultural, global, and spiritual environment.

Long-held beliefs which no longer serve us become crystallized into “filters of perception” which become our reality, negatively inhibiting the manifestation of our goals, dreams, creative self-expression and the demonstration of our life’s meaning and purpose.

Examples of damaging formative experiences are:

Inadequate Early Parental Attachments

  1. Loss of a mother through depression, death, or illness
  2. Loss of a father through alcoholism, excessive work or travel, divorce, suicide
  3. Any significant unavailability of either parent


  1. Abuse
  2. A hospital stay at an early age
  3. Life-threatening illness
  4. A sickly brother or sister
  5. Car accident
  6. Divorce
  7. Moving

The more we become conscious of our limiting beliefs, the more we are able to change them. As we make these changes — vitality, joy, satisfaction, and peace of mind grace our life, work, and relationships. We increase our ability to manifest our full potential.

When we take ourselves out of passivity and accept accountability for our experiences we become empowered. This responsibility enables us to grow, expand our consciousness, and fulfill our true purpose.

We assist you to psychologically and spiritually discover and activate your authentic self and successfully express yourself in the many systems through which you navigate daily.

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