About Angelique Jan Pera

Angelique Jan Pera is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who works psychospiritually with individuals, couples, and groups.

“I can help you through the aftermath of discouraging
or “traumatic” experiences. You will first discover
and then release the conscious and unconscious
limiting beliefs, ideas, identifications, and thought forms

that inhibit your fullest creative  self-expression.
Resolving these 
obstacles will lead you to know and  pursue
what has 
heart and meaningful purpose. In turn
you’ll realize
 a more passionate, joy-filled peaceful life.”

Her private practice is in San Francisco and Sausalito, California.
For over thirty years, Angelique has facilitated individual and couples sessions, workshops, classes, and lead individual and group retreats in the United States, Europe and Mexico. Integrating mainstream psychology with spirituality and healing, she assists others to integrate these worlds. She brings a lifetime of personal experience to her work through her own spiritual and psychological journey of awakening to her authentic Self.

Angelique draws from many healing processes such as psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, intuitive development through meditation and movement, emotional/clearing processes, dream therapy, creative visualization, expressive arts, journal writing, and Soul Frequency Activation and Integration (including hands on healing).

For a detailed description of what is offered by Healer Angelique Jan Pera and Le Temple de l’Esprit in general, please refer to the services page.