Angelique Jan Pera, founder of Le Temple de l’Esprit, is a San Francisco Bay Area Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an exceptional spiritual healer. She has helped hundreds of people heal and grow spiritually using a variety of healing techniques. Angelique sees individuals and couples in private practice as well as leading transformational retreats to some of the most beautiful spiritual sites around the world.

If you are suffering now, you may agree that suffering can have many causes. Perhaps you’ve had a traumatic event in your life. Perhaps for you the cause is less specific and harder to pin point. It may feel more like you are holding yourself back, failing to connect and engage fully in your world.Imagine finally moving past your suffering. In weekly sessions and/or retreats, Angelique uses her decades of experience as a psycho-spiritual healer to help you learn to release the limiting obstacles causing pain. The process helps you to find an expanded sense of Self, Wholeness and Belonging.

In Angelique’s experience, pain and suffering is often an opportunity for change. She will clear a space for you to get in touch with your unique life’s meaning and purpose and empower you to manifest what you most passionately desire.

Learn more about Angelique Jan Peraservices or transformational workshops and retreats. To schedule an appointment, call 1 (415)706-9320.